Ayurvedic & Homeopathy doctor plead to high court to upgrade their degrees to MBBS

The Bombay High Court has admitted the plea of a doctor couple requesting the government to consider upgrading their degrees to MBBS. The doctor couple Dr. Sachin Patil(BAMS) and Dr.(Mrs) Suchitra Sachin Patil(BHMS) have submitted in their plea that ayurvedic as well as homeopathic medicinal remedies have actually failed in Randomized Clinical Trials(RCTs) conducted across the world. They have quoted several authentic references to the COCHRANE Review to endorse their contention. They have said that the Govt. of Maharashtra had vouched for the "science" of Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicinal systems by making them available only to science students. Buying the government's word, the couple had opted to take up the courses. They said the govt. had misled them(and many ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors like them) into believing that these so-called systems of medicines are scientific. "We believed that we were learning real science in our ayurvedic and homeopathic colleges. However, as we matured, we realized what we were taught what was just a blindly followed practice of administering some herbal products and praying that god would take care of the rest. Some times, we even had to fraudulently claim cure. For example, we are taught to propagate that ayurvedic treatment can cure psoriasis where in fact it only induces remission and the disease can come back". When asked about the success of some ayurvedic remedies many ayurvedic doctors have found, Dr. Patil said that it was not an ayurvedic medicine, but the placebo effect or an ayurvedic preparation adulterated with allopathic medicine that works. "For example, we buy tablets containing drotaverine and ibuprofen, both allopathic scheduled drugs and mix them with ayurvedic or homeopathic medicines like Triphala Churna. We prescribe it for gynac pain. The patient consumes it without knowing that and is tricked into believing that ayurvedic medicines work. Similarly, for anything that looks like an inflammatory process, like osteoarthritis, lupus, allergy, etc. we supply shankhapushpi adulterated with prednisolone - a potentially dangerous corticosteroid. The negligent attitude of chemists who freely sell these allopathic medicines to anyone and everyone really helps us a lot to get the raw material freely. Corticosteroids have a magical property of providing rapid relief. Again, we trick the patient into believing that ayurveda works." Dr. Patil said. Dr. Patil, in his submission has shed light on many other dubious practices commonly indulged in by the ayurvedic practitioners.

Dr. Patil said he felt as if the govt. had cheated him by offering a scientific course that had no real and proven science behind it. He had pleaded to the court that he be considered as a victim of the government's injudicious policies and demanded rehabilitation in the form of upgrading their qualification to MBBS and grant of privileges associated with it. "We have been adulterating placebo ayurvedic preparations with allopathic medicines safely for the last 3 years without any adverse effect. In fact, the incidence of side-effects with our adulterated placebos is much lesser than those of the same allopathic medicine taken alone. Therefore our knowledge can be considered to be at par of that of a genuine allopathic practitioner.", he has submitted in his plea. Talking to our reporter, Dr. Patil expressed that they were fed up of being treated as 2nd rate doctors. "Most of us have to resort to unfair practices to earn a decent income. Patients are not willing to pay us the high fees allopathic doctors can demand. They look up to us as a cheap doctor for minor ailments only. Even though many hospitals employ us, they pay us meagre compensations. We feel like trapped by the system. Fortunately the FDA sleuths do not come to bother us for prescribing allopathic medicines. Else we would have no where to go." Dr(Mrs) Patil said.

Dr. Patil's advocate Mr. Khote said that the court went through the COCHRANE Review reference material provided as evidence by the couple and admitted the plea because it found substance in Dr. Patils' contention that the govt had misled the doctors into believing that ayurveda and homeopathy are proven methods of scientific basis. The court has asked the Govt. of Maharashtra whether it has any evidence to prove that ayurvedic and homeopathic courses offered by it are scientific or just a matter of following some procedures laid down in some book of "ancient age". The court specifically sought response of the govt. so as to whether they had verified that the "science" proclaimed in the ayurvedic and homeopathic remedies was still relevant at the times when the couple had taken admission to these courses. Sympathizing with the doctor couple, Justice Maulana Sayyed said that the government could indeed have been wrong if it did not verify the contemporary relevance of sciences taught in its colleges. "It not jeopardizes the doctor's life, but also that of patients who take treatment from him" Justice Sayyed said. Mr. Jethmalani, one of the most reputed lawyers in this country said that govt will have little choice than to upgrade their degrees in case the govt is caught on a wrong foot.

No problem. Henceforth don't study beyond 12th and get yourself upgraded to medical degrees.

Anything is possible in this country.

In fact, let any of us who have MD internal medicine upgrade themselves to DM of their choice

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